Fluid Heights, How to make a custom paddle design

Title speaks for itself.

Massey Student Volunteer Collective

In collaboration with Tasman Roy and Massey TV, I helped create this 90 second promo to promote volunteering through the local university. We were signed as freelance contractors. We followed and filmed all of the events during the week and then edited and produced the film in the next week

The Karamea River

What does your work do for their staff trip? Leadership? Adventure? Daring?(little bit of stupidity?) Take a look at the New Zealand Kayak Schools 2014 staff trip on the Karamea river. A famous 3 day  New Zealand west coast heli kayak trip. My family has built and created the New Zealand Kayak School over the last 25 years. As I got older and more skilled in kayaking I was able to start following the staff down Grade five. Every year we go on a multi day trip for the staff trip that builds leadership and creates a sense of one big family. This is a Two Dash Productions and Fluid Heights movie of one of our trips.


Together with an amazing team in my first film class at Massey University, Wellington, we created this short film, NOVA. Without giving too much away, this is the story of an older girl wandering through her house reliving memories of the past with her dad when she was younger. We used contrasting thematic colours and smooth gliding transitional cinematography to show the two stories parallel to each other. Big shout out to the rest of the crew for working so hard to complete this.

The Main Salmon

Ever since I have was four years old, my family and I have been going every summer on trips down the Main Salmon. Together with several other families we have embarked  on this incredible multi day river trip in the Frank Church Wilderness of No Return, Idaho, USA. Its the perfect whitewater/holiday experience for the whole family; warm water, big sandy beaches, and fun rapids.


Watch and listen as a dancers fall from fame is metaphored by a dying sun in some beautiful poems written by Kyra halls. During my senior year of high school a good friend and fellow director Kyra halls came to me with 3 stunning poems and aspirations of a movie. From these poems we were able to story board, choreograph, and set "SUPERNOVA". We asked a friend of ours from school, a dancer, to be the actress in the production. We asked another friend, Aspen Jacquet, a high School singer, to sing the beautiful melody that is heard throughout the story. So from this, all elements are filmed and created in the great Jackson Hole.

The Wolf of Wellington

Starting off my film career at Massey University and maybe a minor in Creative Media Production. This film was the first project in my intro to digital video production class. Its a short two minute recreation of the Wolf of Wall Streets quaaludes scene. Shot and developed in Wellington, New Zealand, for Massey University.

About Liam Weiss Hopkinson

My full name is William Weiss Hopkinson, but I have gone by Liam since I was born. I am a designer, photographer, writer, and videographer,  in search of life's next great adventure. I travel through some of the most beautiful places in the world. So I always have my camera and pencil with me to capture every picturesque or not so picturesque  moment and memory.



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