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This year Bullerfest is running an Outdoors film festival open to all adventure sports. Think of the Banff film festival gone bush, exposing some of our coolest, most creative Kiwi adventurers. We want you to VENTURE, VOICE, SHARE. Take the footage from your last expedition, or shoot your next adventure, and edit a film to enter it in the Awanui Film Awards. Fabulous prizes up for grabs to those who venture past the boundaries of society, and get it on camera. Spot prizes available for those who come to support the event on the night.


This is an Identity system and brand that is to commence at Bullerfest in 2019. I have headed a small group in collaboration with Bullerfest volunteers to create a creative element and event within the popular white water festival, Bullerfest.


Awanui= 'Big river' in Maori (native people of New Zealand).

An event that is designed to be the confluence of all kiwi adventurers. To promote more creative thinking in our community and to provide an bigger voice for our beautiful kiwi wilderness. 

Aotearoa= 'land of the long white cloud' or 'New Zealand'

Whanua= 'Family'

Event t-shirt, badges, tickets, and lanyard

Massive Magazine

Massey Universities Massive Magazine. I worked on this magazine for six issues in 2019. The magazine was a 48 pages of student news, features, illustrations, and all manner of quirky fun. It was distributed to all three of Massey's campuses; Albany, Mānawatu, and Wellington. The first and last eight pages were different for each campus to allow the diversity of news and advertisements. As a student contributed university magazine, it was a great platform for the hard conversations that need to be had in realms of gender, sexuality and environment. 

F*ck Plastic

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 Marine life is dying from absurd amounts of plastics in the oceans, so we decided to take a aggressive approach and target corporations who use single use plastics with their products. We created a mass guerrilla movement shaming these corporations to start working on alternative uses that don’t poison our ecosystems. Remember you are at the top of the food chain and consume from multiple points in the ecosystem. It will all cycle back to us eventually.

Guerrilla Application Process


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Bullerfest is a white water festival that centers in the heart of the river community in Murchison, New Zealand. It brings together young and old from all over
the country to compete in kayak slalom, rafter cross, and boater cross. I have been the freelance graphic designer for the company for the last two years, working to create social media designs, posters, hat designs, and t-shirt designs. I also have been implementing a film festival within this festival as showcased above: Awanui Film Awards.

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The everyday paddler has to deal with selecting their paddle from a sea of bland and dull paddle blades. Whether when buying them, or simply picking theirs out of a pile on a social outing. Custom Strokes allows people to individualise their paddle and make it a unique tool to serve as a an extra measure of safety on the water.


This is a start up company I created when I was 16 I started with colourful tape, then moved to stencils and spray paint. I have been selling them to kayakers in my community in New Zealand, and Jackson Hole, USA. Ever since I started and since taking graphic design as major I have evolved the branding and style of The company to what you see today.

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Anti-Corruption Interactive Poster

For an Art Direction class at Montana State University I was given an interactive poster project to represent '' and promote their anti-corruption cause.

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Green Party US Posters

The Green Party is a grassroots activist party that advocates for environmental change, social justice, a fair democratic system, and cutting the military budget. Having a third party will help to break up the status quo of the broken two party system currently existing in the U.S.  We hope to motivate and inspire citizens to become more active and educated voters in the fight for environmental and humanist causes that our country seeks to ignore.

Swept Away by Fantasia

Art Process

When I start feeling nostalgic, or just want a moment away from a busy day of graphic design. I pull out my art journal and start pencil sketching for myself. Sometimes I start with random abstract water and just mess around with different currents and flows. Other times I get inspired to draw a whale in a different stance. After combining both abstract water and subject with pencil, I go over it again with fine ink pens to embolden its sleek silhouette. Then (sometimes weeks, months) later I digitalise it on illustrator to expand its application and potential.


This series was designed for a Online Gallery to promote creative pieces from the Arctic and Antarctic. Check it out on the link below.

Online Gallery:

Darwin Animal Doctors



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I have been working as the volunteer graphic designer for Darwin Animal Doctors New Zealand branch for the last year. This non profit organisation has recently been helping with or starting their own volunteer groups in developing countries around the world. The company mostly focuses on animal wealth fare, but extends to teaching english, and promoting environmental awareness and eco-tourism. I have been designing some simple layouts and documents to help implement these programs and get them off their feet in a functional manner.

About Liam Weiss Hopkinson

My full name is William Weiss Hopkinson, but I have gone by Liam since I was born. I am a graphic designer, photographer, writer, and videographer,  in search of life's next great adventure. I travel through some of the most beautiful places in the world. So I always have my camera and pencil with me to capture every picturesque moment and memory.



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