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Svalbard 2017

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In the photos I captured, I wish to show the beauty of the Polar Regions I have worked in.  My job is to guide people through these isolated wildernesses, with their serene landscapes and incredible wildlife. To show the miraculous areas rarely seen on this planet before they are lost. The Arctic and the Antarctic are under siege from a rapidly warming climate, so as an ambassador to these regions I wish to spread and share my admiration for these amazing places through photos like these. The world we live in holds many pockets of grandeur and magnificence, the more we grow to love it, the more respect and responsibility we will take for it.

Falkland Islands, South Georgia, and Antarctica 2017

"Everybody needs some kind of hobby in life. Whether it’s shopping for clothes, mountain biking, or playing the guitar. We all need something to distract ourselves from the stresses of life. Something that heals us from the day-to-day aches and pains we encounter throughout the world. I count myself blessed to have a summer job that can distract and heal anything from the stressful life of a university student. In a place that’s office view will cure any sickness and touch anyone’s soul. It brings me to a place of wonder and absolute grandeur. An Isolated Icy Haven at the end of the world that will always hold a place in my heart. For my summer job I head to the great continent of Antarctica."

To find out more and read the full Article, check out the link below published with Massey Universities 'Massive Magazine'. 

An Icy Haven Artcicle, Massive Magazine

Photography Project: Ahi Te Marama Ki Te Whenua

"I have found when even taking a photo of simple elements of nature at the edge of the city, the natural quality is still afflicted by technology. No matter what I try, the radical light seeps into each image.  Its like there’s nothing I can do to escape the ever-present pollution. So without even realising it, I started my project; Ahi te marama ki te whenua (Light fire to the earth). I began photographing the interaction between the two zones of humanity and the simple elements of nature. I captured the harsh destruction of humans’ existence on earth and what it has done to the planet. Using long shutter speeds I was able to show how the artificial light ‘lights fire’ and ‘pierces’ the night landscape. Over time destroying these elements of nature and reducing them to the artificial bricks we have built around us."
To find out more and read the full Article, check out the link below published with Massey Universities 'Massive Magazine'.   
Ahi Te Marama Ki Te Whenua Article, Massive Magazine.


South Georgia and Antarctica! 2016

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Svalbard 2015

"The day I turned 18, my life changed entirely. My birthday was on the Tuesday after I graduated from high school. It should have been a normal summery day; sleep in until 11, go for a swim with some friends, maybe have a BBQ, and then get up and go to your everyday retail job… But no… This day was different. This day I was flying to Longyearbyen, Svalbard! A place that I had only heard of two weeks prior. Where is Svalbard one would ask? Svalbard is a small Arctic island group north of Norway, and Longyearbyen is one of the most northern towns in the world! So it is basically the land of Blue Whales, snow, ice, Walrus, and of course… Polar Bears. And the crazy thing was that I was being flown there to work as an intern on an expedition cruise ship."

To find out more and read the full Article, check out the link below published with Massey Universities 'Massive Magazine'. 

The Intern Article, Massive Magazine

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My full name is William Weiss Hopkinson, but I have gone by Liam since I was born. I am a designer, photographer, writer, and videographer,  in search of life's next great adventure. I travel through some of the most beautiful places in the world. So I always have my camera and pencil with me to capture every picturesque or not so picturesque  moment and memory.



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