From New Zealand, to the USA, and more...

The Inspiration

I was lucky enough to have a childhood split between two different worlds. Ever since I was three months old, until I left school, my family and I traveled back and forth from Jackson Hole, USA, to Murchison, New Zealand.
We lived in these two extremely beautiful places for many reasons, but most of all, because of the amazing accessibility to its exquisite wilderness. From climbing high rugged mountain tops of the American Rockies, to kayaking the beautiful inner gorges of New Zealand’s west coast rivers, I have always loved the immaculate beauty of the great outdoors. By being raised in these two environments, I have learned to appreciate my love for adventure and exploring these unseen parts of the world.

Because of these adventurous foundations in my life, I have always tried to capture these memories by any means possible and share them with anyone willing to listen. I am a passionate designer, photographer, writer, and videographer. I love to use these passions to communicate how I felt in these incredible places and encourage others to make the journey.

"You must take adventures in order to know where you truly belong"

About Liam Weiss Hopkinson

My full name is William Weiss Hopkinson, but I have gone by Liam since I was born. I am a designer, photographer, writer, and videographer,  in search of life's next great adventure. I travel through some of the most beautiful places in the world. So I always have my camera and pencil with me to capture every picturesque or not so picturesque  moment and memory.



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